Beautiful Beings offers a variety of effective body treatments to re-shape, tone and transform your body to give you the look you desire

Surgical Procedures


Our body treatments begin with a comprehensive consultation. We’ll explain the procedures we offer in detail, and set your expectations regarding the results you will see. We’ll also answer any questions and address any concerns you may have about the treatment. Patients report feeling elated and confident once they have achieved their desired results. Many of our patients return regularly to receive our quality assistance – a testament to the skill of our practised staff.


To ensure you remain enhanced long after your treatment has taken place, we offer high-quality aftercare services. We’ll adapt our recommendations to suit the treatments you’ve received, ensuring you receive aftercare that is right for you. The creams and serums we offer may be used at home for your convenience.

Clinic for consultations, treatments and minor procedures:

15 Allanhall Way,
Kirkella, Hull
East Yorkshire,
HU10 7QU

Clinic for major procedures:

Chase House
High Green Court
Newhall Street
WS11 1GR