I like to try and look good and young but when I noticed that the lower part of my face started sagging and developing jowls and marionette lines, my confidence level dropped. I never wanted to go under the knife, but when I came to know about silhouette soft thread lift by Ms Rehman, and the way she explained everything to me along with all the pros and cons, I decided to go ahead. It was a completely painless procedure by the help of numbing cream and small local anaesthetic injections. I had three threads put on each side of my face, I felt a slight pulling sensation throughout and after the procedure was finished I looked in the mirror and I was amazed to see the results there and then. My jowls had disappeared and all the lines had softened up. It has wiped many years off me. After the treatment, I was instructed to not open my mouth wide for a few days as I had some folding in my skin, were my skin was lifted. I was informed that this would settle down after a few days. I was thrilled when I received remarks from my friends and colleagues who all mentioned how much youthful and fresher I looked. I feel so happy and confident now. Thank you.
I am a regular client of Ms Rehman at Beautiful Beings, I dare not to go anywhere else now. Her team is very professional and I always get amazing results. I am highly thankful to Miss Rehman for excellent results we have achieved in restoring a more youthful facial appearance following injections and by using Bio stimulant filers for my cheeks and jawline area and produced a massive improvement in my facial volume. This gave me instant results which automatically reduced the signs of aging within my face. Miss Rehman’s professional approach combined with clinical expertise fulfilled me with total confidence that this procedure would produce highly satisfying results. It is also nice to hear the compliments from my friends and colleagues that I looked fresh and more relaxed. Also when I met people for the first time they did not believe my actual age and believed that I was 10 years younger. I have no hesitation in returning for more treatments from time-to-time, as I understand that top-up treatments are required for non-surgical treatments. I wish your clinic "Beautiful Beings" every success for the future and I look forward to my pathway of facial rejuvenation.
Very competent, professional, informative and sincere, and most importantly Ms Rehman is a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon who has excellent knowledge of Human Anatomy, so this means you are in very safe hands.
Ms Rehman is wonderful and always so professional, very friendly and the clinic environment is so relaxing and comfortable which put me at ease immediately. My treatment results were excellent and I can highly recommend her.
I would like to recommend Ms Rehman at “Beautiful Beings” to anyone. I was thinking about having a surgical face lift as I hated my jowls and sagging lower face but had no courage to go under the knife and I thought that it would be very expensive and painful. The Silhouette soft lift with silhouette soft threads was the perfect solution with immediate results which continued to improve over the months. I had a wonderful experience and would like to share this with all the other people who are still undecided or worried. Is there much pain? 
No, this procedure is slightly uncomfortable but that is all. How long does the procedure take? 
It takes hardly a few days to settle down, but no such down time is required. The Doctor
Awesome. It is a great honour to get this procedure done by a fully trained and qualified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon. The procedure was explained fully and done in a very professional way. I loved the idea that it was done by a Cosmetic Surgeon rather than an ordinary doctor or nurse. Is it expensive?
 It is not expensive if you compare it to a surgical face lift plus you get the results without any down-time and without going through the pain of going under the knife. Probably equal to buying some designer handbag and shoes. My experience. 
This is my experience which was I found to be wonderful thanks to Ms Rehman and her team for giving me the best results. I would love to share my experience with you so that you can be the best you can.

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