Anti Wrinkle Injections in Hull

Remove wrinkles and fine lines with our Anti Wrinkle Injections performed by our qualified consultant at our private clinic in Hull. Natural looking results.

Beautiful Beings offers effective Anti Wrinkle Injections to give you the look you desire

Wrinkle reduction injections block the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. This effect relaxes and smooths the look of lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive movements on the face—most commonly, between the brows, crows-feet around the eyes, and horizontal forehead creases.

Wrinkle reduction injections also cosmetically balance facial asymmetry and relax tight neck bands, as well as medically to reduce perspiration and to treat migraine headaches and muscle spasticity.

You may consider wrinkle reduction injections for cosmetic reasons if you are developing lines and wrinkles on your face due to common facial movements.

Injections can usually be completed on the same day as the initial evaluation. The injection site will be cleansed and will usually not require anesthesia prior to injection. The needles used are very short and thin, causing minimal pain.

Once the neurotoxin has been injected, it will take several days to reach full effect and a follow-up visit is often scheduled weeks to months after the initial injection.

Anaesthesia prior to injections, but we use a numbing cream to decrease the pain of needles in order to make it very comfortable for our patients.

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    As with all treatments we provide, our treatments begin with a comprehensive consultation. We’ll explain the procedures we offer in detail, and set your expectations regarding the results you will see. We’ll also answer any questions and address any concerns you may have about the treatment. Patients report feeling elated and confident once they have achieved their desired results. Many of our patients return regularly to receive our quality assistance – a testament to the skill of our practised staff.


    To ensure your skin remains enhanced long after your treatment has taken place, we offer high-quality aftercare services. We’ll adapt our recommendations to suit the treatments you’ve received, ensuring you receive aftercare that is right for you.

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